BLOG - Directional PR

February 10, 2015

Fear of the Unknown? What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Business.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the business world today. Company management and business owners worry about regulations, competition, customer expectations, operational challenges, and new technology. […]
January 6, 2015

PR Resolutions for 2015 to Fit Any Size Organization

Notice all the weight loss and fitness ads lately? Last night, my gym was so crowded I barely got a spot in exercise class! Even though […]
November 11, 2014

Honor Others and Be Grateful but Not Just in November

November is filled with holidays in the United States that remind us to honor others and be grateful. November 11 – Veterans Day when we honor […]
September 15, 2014

Please … Think Before You Pink!

It’s nearly October and soon we’ll be seeing pumpkins, falling leaves, and pink ribbons everywhere. October used to be dedicated to fall and Halloween but has […]
September 8, 2014

Networking Works With the Right Attitude

One of the tried and true ways business owners use to get new business is networking. We’ve all done this. Go to a “networking” event, introduce […]
July 10, 2014

Sleeping Better With Effective PR

I recently took a trip to Florida and had the chance to reconnect with a former boss. The job I had at Curley & Pynn Public […]