The Importance of Public Relations During Economic Uncertainty

Every crisis is opportunity to change. Concept with iceberg, crisis is visible, opportunity is hidden under water. There is potential in post-covid era to do things better.

Many companies think that during an economic downturn they should be quiet and keep their heads down. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now is exactly the right time to communicate to your current and potential customers about what you offer and how you can help them during uncertain economic times.

While some customers may be impacted more than others during an economic slowdown, this is the perfect time to communicate that your organization is a trusted resource for solid information, excellent service, and that you are continuing to do business. Play to your strengths and follow these four strategies when communicating during economic uncertainty:

  • If you’re currently communicating with your stakeholders on a regular basis, don’t stop now. Change your messaging to be in tune with the current economy and offer help, advice, and reassurance.
  • If you’re not currently communicating with your stakeholders, this is the perfect opportunity to start. Position your company as the “go to” for industry information that’s accurate, useful, and easily available. Be their trusted resource. This can be done through emails, newsletters, social media, and blog posts on your website.
  • Continue your presence in the community. Don’t pull back if you can help it. Local non-profit organizations need your help now more than ever. Being a community champion is not only the right thing to do, it will pay off in the long run by positioning your company as the one people can go to when times are tough. Be an active listener – what are people’s concerns and how can you help?
  • Keep up your presence on social media. Be sensitive to posting about any lavish spending but definitely promote a substantial donation to a local charity, school, or other such organization.

Providing this type of consistent, helpful information to your stakeholders will allow you to “rise above” other companies. People want to know who to turn to when times are tough. Be that organization, and you will help have a positive impact. When times are good, people will remember that you were there for them, therefore further solidifying your position in the community.