Set Your Community Bank Apart from Competitors

Hand drawn lettering card. The inscription: Loyal to local. Perfect design for greeting cards, posters, T-shirts, banners, print invitations. Monoline style.

Community banks sometimes are seen as the underdogs competing against big, well-known banking brands. This perception is misleading, however, as many community bank customers will attest! These customers often share these common words of praise about their local community bank team:

  • “My community banker KNOWS me and my needs.”
  • “The community banker listened to my business’ growth plans and helped me find the right loan when other banks wouldn’t.”
  • “I love how my community bank supports local businesses and events. They take pride in being part of what’s happening locally.”

To help celebrate Community Banking Month, we recommend three tips to differentiate community banks and share successes:

Publicize Your Customer/Community Outreach

What sets community banks apart from competitors is the ability to build customer relationships and maintain the human aspect. Lean into this advantage by connecting with what’s happening in the local community. Attend and sponsor key events in your area like local sports teams, theaters, and parades. Partner with local businesses and highlight them in your marketing.

Create Content That Builds Trust

In today’s information-laden world, content is king! Make your community bank stand out in the crowd by being the go-to source for reliable information on banking and financial trends and issues. Write blog articles to help people put trends and issues into context. This will build trust and credibility with your existing customers and help attract new ones. Share tips on your social media channels and website, or host workshops on financial topics for consumers and business owners.

Put Technology to Work for Your Bank

Human connection is an important selling point for community banks but offering useful apps and banking technology is essential too. Many customers want to easily take care of their banking online 24/7, so investing in technology is critical to compete with larger brands. Evaluate how you can streamline the banking experience for your customers. Put your relationships with them to work by asking what they value most when banking online. Use that information to inform decisions about what technology services to offer.

Community banks that can highlight how they combine human relationships with the latest banking technology will be the most successful in 2022 and beyond. Latitude 34 PR can help you share your stories and successes with potential and current customers! Contact us today to learn how.