Vacation Time Shouldn’t Mean Downtime for Public Relations: Three “Summer PR” Tips

Ah, summer! We all hope for it after a cold winter and look forward to this time as if we were still school-aged children. There is something about summertime that makes us want to slow down and, here in the South, cool down. Some businesses let out early on Fridays or adopt a more casual dress code during the summer months.

Even with summer vacations and a more laid back attitude there are still plenty of opportunities for public relations to stay active. Every company should have a plan in place to help deal with a crisis even if the CEO is on vacation. Dust off that crisis communications plan (or if you don’t have one now is the perfect time to create one) and make sure your company is prepared in the event of a crisis. Or opportunity. Your company doesn’t want to miss out on any important announcements or potential publicity just because the PR person is at the beach.

So, before summer vacation interrupts your ongoing public relations program, here are three “Summer PR” tips:

  • Review what annual announcements or events occur in your industry during the summer and make sure you prepare any PR materials ahead of time – press releases, articles for your client newsletter, and social media posts. Also, are your company fact sheets current and approved?
  • Have a plan in place that identifies multiple spokespeople if/when a crisis or opportunity presents itself. And, make sure they are up-to-date on their training.
  • Look for opportunities. Yes, summer can be slower so use that to your advantage. A slower news cycle could make it a great time to pitch the media. Also, customers who are in town might love a special promotion. And, charitable organizations can be especially needy this time of year so offer an afternoon off to employees to volunteer and help strengthen your community relationships.

Now, get out there and enjoy your summer but also be prepared. Review current materials, ensure a plan is in place, look for PR opportunities … and use plenty of sunscreen!