Reposition Your Company’s Brand to Appeal to Employees

Male worker share good news with multiracial colleagues in shared workplace, diverse employees scream with happiness excited with corporate success or goal achievement, team celebrating win

The economy, competition, supply chain issues – there is a lot of weight on the shoulders of business owners these days. One of the most important concerns is recruiting and retaining employees. We have all heard the terms “Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting.” Regardless of the reasons for these trends, employers are still faced with maintaining their workforce. However, finding and keeping “right fit” employees can help alleviate constant turnover and hiring issues.

From Gen Z to Boomers – most employees want to work somewhere where they are fulfilled, appreciated, and provide a useful product/service to their community. By positioning and fulfilling the promise of being a great place to work, your company can keep the “right fit” employees and better recruit people who will be interested in working at your company.

How do you reposition your company to appeal to future employees? Here are some tips:  

  • Determine if your current employees are happy in the workplace. You can do this through surveys, online questions, internal focus groups, and manager meetings. Get a pulse on where you are and what you can improve.
  • Create a strategy to rebrand your company to become a place known as a great place to work based on feedback from employees and managers. Develop new recognition programs, perks, flexible work options, and other benefits that help your company culture evolve into one that is attractive to current and future employees. 
  • Develop a community outreach program or start a foundation that all employees can participate in if they choose. Pick 2-3 local organizations that the company can support with donations, volunteer time, and special events. Posting photos on social media of employees having fun AND doing good will build up your reputation as an employer of choice. This can have a large impact on the local community and help employees feel a part of something larger.

Employees are usually happiest with an employer who provides them with a good job and good pay and is looked upon in a positive light by everyone. They want to feel a sense of pride when telling a friend, “I got a job at …” and the friend is excited for them – and maybe a bit jealous too!