Strategy + Relevance + Good Content Equals Success

By now, most companies have jumped onto the “content” bandwagon. How’s that going? If you’re just producing content for content’s sake you might be maintaining decent SEO but after finding you are customers bailing?

If so, your content needs an overhaul.

  • First, take another look at your strategy. If you can’t find it or never had one, take the time to develop a plan that outlines the best approach to creating content and how it will help reinforce your business goals. For more background, we discussed content strategy in a previous post:
  • Second, are you providing your audience with the timely, relevant information that THEY want? Or just a sales pitch nicely written? Are you repurposing content so much that your followers are beginning to recognize a previous post? It’s frustrating when you see an interesting tweet and it ends up being a repost from a blog written years ago.
  • Third, allow for an objective critique of your content. It’s hard to let go but a fresh set of expert eyes can breathe new life into your content and ensure that it’s timely, well written, and relevant.

Here’s an example of how content should work. In a recent conversation with a client, I was told that one of our ongoing content efforts – profiling suppliers – was shown to help drive sales. There was a direct correlation from visitors who read the profiles and then went to the marketplace part of the site to purchase product. The goal of generating this content was to reinforce to customers that the client carefully selects only the best suppliers and therefore customers should be comfortable with their purchase. Bingo!

That’s not just good content that’s successful content.

Strategy + relevant to the audience + well-written content = success.