Too Much Content? Yes, it Can Happen.

For years, PR and marketing experts have pushed the concept of “content is king!” And, valuable information is still beneficial for your organization’s website, social media, and for providing search results. Strong content also positions your company as an industry expert as well as supplying customers and potential customers with the information they want. But is there ever a time when there’s too much?

Take the time to review existing content. Your customers and other audiences will continue to need information about industry trends and company news. However, if it has become too cumbersome, then it’s time for a change. Here are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Evaluate the quality of your content. Be honest, is some of it just words? Or, does it provide meaningful value to the reader?
  • Review the topics and categories. Is there too much repetition? Reorganize accordingly and archive.
  • Consider reducing the number of times your company posts on social media. Your followers are more interested in quality than quantity.
  • Edit as needed for new terminology, name changes, jargon, and readability. There is no point in having content that no one can understand or is outdated.
  • Assess the design and manner in which the content is presented. Most people prefer a clean look, eye-catching visuals, and quick to read information.

If you’ve been generating and publishing your own content for a while, it might be beneficial to have an outside consultant review it and offer different ways to showcase your information. Keep the good stuff, including what’s still relevant or contains historical background. In the future, there may be ways to repurpose the content with a new post highlighting “then and now” during a company anniversary year. After you’ve cleaned up what you have, focus on creating new original content that will be useful and stay fresh for as long as possible.