The Media’s Credibility … Time to Think Local.

The news for the news business is not good. Poll after poll shows that trust in the national mass media is at an all-time low, most Americans think the media is not trustworthy, and revenues are declining for most newspapers and cable news. However, the numbers show that while people are growing more skeptical of national news organizations they are still relying on local media to provide them with news. And, who better to bring the public information about news, events, and weather than reporters who are right in their own backyard.

What does this mean for your business? It’s time to think local when it comes to media outreach. While a one-time hit in the Wall Street Journal may boost awareness (and give you bragging rights), an ongoing relationship with local media could benefit your company more in the long run. Consider the following:

  • Community newspapers – these long-standing providers of local news have gone digital and social and have a vested interest in local stories. Many also have larger networks that cover state and/or regional metropolitan areas. So, a story in one local paper could be shared in the larger network.
  • Local radio – news/talk is the second most popular format in radio. And, surprisingly more than 66 million Millennials use radio each week (according to Nielsen). This is an outlet that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Online news – while some online news sources have struggled, many specialized sites are a great resource. Some target specific audiences with continually updated news and/or e-newsletters. These sources can also have a large reach on social media.

So the next time you think that a story in the national news is what your company needs — think again. It could be much more valuable to focus on local media sources that people trust for delivering information.