Honor Others and Be Grateful but Not Just in November

November is filled with holidays in the United States that remind us to honor others and be grateful.

  • November 11 – Veterans Day when we honor those who have served in the military and keep us safe.
  • November 27 – Thanksgiving when we are grateful for our family, friends, and country.

From a public relations perspective, however, we should remember to honor others and be grateful throughout the year. One of the most important and often forgotten audiences is our customers. With all the technology available, customers can become lost in an avalanche of numbers, analytics, and statistics. While all this information is helpful, we need to remember that customers are people and not a number, Google Analytic stat, or like on Facebook.

Genuine customer interaction trumps clever ad campaigns, viral videos, and real-time Tweets any day. For example, Ace Hardware recently won the J.D. Power Award for the 8th year in a row for highest ranking in customer satisfaction among home improvement retailers. Have you been in an Ace Hardware store? The people who work there are focused on the customer — to be helpful and give advice.

Customer service for Ace Hardware extends beyond their stores. The customer service tab on the company’s website is front top right before the email sign up button. The contact us section is plain and simple 24/7 phone or email. All their social media is at the bottom of the website page. You can tell that the company has made their customers a priority and it shows.

We can all look for better ways to treat our customers with respect and show them gratitude. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Reward your best customers not just during the holidays but year round. Do you have a customer rewards program? If not, it’s time to consider one that is simple and benefits the customer.
  • Remember and put into use the old saying “the customer is always right.” This applies to interactions on social media as well.
  • Listen to your customers. When is the last time your company conducted a survey or, better yet, focus group? Customers can provide you with great ideas and help your business provide better products and services.

So, in November this year, start to plan some activities to honor your customers and show them some “love.” If you’re unsure of how to do this, contact a public relations professional to provide you with creative ideas and implementation specific to your business.