Don’t Miss the Biggest PR Trends of 2022

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The PR Industry continues to change at a rapid pace and PR professionals are tasked with staying on top of these developments to help their companies and clients keep up with an ever-changing world. Though the past two years have been a lesson for everyone on staying nimble and adaptable in and of itself!

Here are some of the top PR trends of 2022:

Storytelling & Community Building

Consumers are now bombarded with products and services every minute of the day, so building trust is more important than ever. The most effective way to do that in 2022 is to focus on telling your brand’s story and building a loyal community. Community led storytelling is continuing to grow in importance — according to a recent Nielson Report, consumers are 92% more likely to believe suggestions from someone they trust than advertising alone. So, brands can stand out by weaving compelling narratives into their messaging and connecting with customers to build community.

PR with a Purpose

With 2022 comes the continued rise of mindful consumers. From the customer experience, the brand mission, to how a company treats their employees, consumers want to feel connected to and proud of the brands they support. That means it’s essential that organizations have a clear brand message and make their values known. And to also be aware that internal communications and the employee experience are just as important to a brand’s image as how they treat their customers.

Utilizing Technology & Data

The advancements in technology are continuing to change the public relations industry. And in 2022 it’s essential that PR embraces the technology and data at our fingertips. With access to more data than ever before, PR pros can help their companies and clients understand and target their ideal customer with accuracy like never before.

Digital Media

Staying on top of digital media trends and platforms will continue to be an important priority and identifying where customers are spending their time. Social media provides so many opportunities for exposure and creativity. Becoming familiar with and embracing new trends and platforms like video content, podcasts, social media, and influencer marketing is essential.

At Latitude 34 PR, we can help you develop and manage a strategy to stay on top of these trends so that your brand message is heard, and you reach the right customers.