Directional PR: Off to School

Some call it the most wonderful time of the year — that time when kids go back to school. This year, back to school has me thinking about communication. I’m usually amazed at the myriad of different tools used to communicate these days. It feels like even as I finish typing this sentence there will be a new app that everyone is talking about on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, now that my oldest is heading off to college, it just seems like there will never be enough ways to communicate.

Businesses can struggle with this too. Are they communicating too little or too much? And, more importantly, are they reaching their target audiences? Many business owners don’t have the time to stay up-to-date on all the latest ways to communicate. And, would that be the best way for them to spend their time? Probably not.

That’s why every company needs a communications strategy that relates to their business objectives … and not just emailing, tweeting or posting because it’s the latest thing in social media.

First, evaluate your customer base. Dig into why customers bought your product or service and how they found you and made that buying decision. Second, take that information and apply it to your company. Can you reach your target audience through social media channels? If so, determine which ones work best and use it to your advantage. Finally, don’t rule out traditional media. These tools are also valuable. For example, direct mail is still out there and works extremely well for some companies. If you need assistance evaluating and managing your company’s communication, find a knowledgeable public relations firm to help.

After all, communication is essential to businesses so they can find new customers and keep current ones happy. And, for college students, how else would they ask for money?