Cultivate Homegrown Content for Improved Engagement

These days, most organizations know it’s important to share content. Business owners have embraced the need for content to boost SEO and provide information to customers and potential customers. Automated systems make this simple. With just a few clicks, information can be posted, reposted, and shared with target audiences.

Although automation makes posting content easy, it can also make us lazy about what we post. For example, you receive a general announcement from a supplier about a new product. So you repost it. Your company runs a sale. You post that too. Are these types of posts generating a lot of likes and/or shares? If you’ve gotten into the habit of only sharing sales information and someone else’s content, then you need to rethink your strategy. It’s time to start producing some homegrown content.

As a business owner, you are an expert at what you do and so are a lot of people who work for your company. This is a gold mine of information and potential content. And, most importantly, it’s original. No one else can create this! Develop useful, helpful, and interesting content that your audience really wants and you’ll experience improved engagement.

Here are some tips to cultivate your homegrown content:

  • Identify story ideas. This takes some time but is well worth doing. What’s happening in your organization and industry is newsworthy and can be used in your content development and media outreach.
  • Develop well written content. If you have the capability in house to write well and professionally use it. If not, an outside source should be retained. Any information you release that represents your company should be organized, well crafted, and free of any spelling and/or grammatical errors. In addition, a professional writer can take information (both technical and non-technical) from within your organization and make it readable.
  • Post regularly but it doesn’t have to be every day. Your target audiences would rather wait for content that’s actually valuable to them then to have generic stuff posted every day.

Also, you’ll want to continue to share posts from suppliers, sales, and general information as it relates to your business. Just don’t overpower the original content or your audiences could gloss over the posts or ignore the information. Like you, they’re inundated every day so make your content compelling, useful, and homegrown.