Company Traditions and Southern Tailgating

Nothing beats the Southern tradition of football and tailgating. Schools are known for it and fans spend lots of time and money preparing for a memorable experience. Great game day traditions are central to fun fall weekends.

Does your company celebrate its traditions?

Strong traditions can build community within employee and customer groups as well as help:

  • Define your brand.
  • Communicate who you are and what you stand for.
  • Make connections between your company and potential customers.
  • Invite your target groups to participate in something purposeful.

Start out with something simple. Employees want to feel part of their company and that they are important to its success. Help them belong to a winning team whether it’s ringing a bell after a big sale or the newest person bringing in donuts for breakfast once a week.

Tech start ups are famous for their traditions that range from Friday “dress up” days to food trucks at lunch to time off for volunteer work.

One of the best examples of integrating company traditions with its workforce is the Walt Disney Company. All new employees or “cast members” attend ‘Traditions’ on their first day of work. This class is an employee orientation that communicates the importance of Disney culture, heritage, values and policies. Employees’ understanding of Disney traditions is essential to achieving the level of happiness that Disney customers expect.

Customers also want to be engaged and participate in “liking” their favorite brands. Special events, Facebook pages, loyalty clubs, and community service are all opportunities for customers to be part of your team. Traditions can reveal to the world more about your company than your webpage — think about Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

If your company doesn’t have any traditions it’s time to start. Identify what your company already does and you might have an informal activity taking place that would make a perfect tradition. Or, for other ideas look at company anniversaries, awards, contests, and customer responses.

Select a tradition that is consistent with your company’s personality and will engage others. Then celebrate it!