Brand Ambassadors? The Answer Could Be Sitting Right Next to You.

Many small businesses may not think they have the ability to develop a brand ambassador program to promote their company. But, if you have employees, they could easily become your best communicators to help spread the word.

On a daily basis, we all talk about work and share information about what we do and the companies we’re involved in. With a little preparation, your staff could be the brand ambassadors you need. First, make sure your employees are happy and engaged at work. A good work environment encourages employees to share positive information. Second, do your employees understand what the company does and what role they play in supporting the organization? Make sure staff members know the company’s value proposition and what solutions you provide.

When asking your staff to be ambassadors for your company brand, make sure they’re well prepared. Remember to:

  • Provide staff with useable talking points and key messages. Lofty vision statements are important but for your employees to best communicate they need short messages that can come up naturally in conversation.
  • Include staff, when appropriate, in marketing and sales meetings so they know the latest news, changes, and product offerings. Again, you want them knowledgeable when the time is right to share information about the company.
  • Develop a special business card or promotional offer postcard for employees to keep with them and can easily provide to someone who might be interested. Friends and family love to receive discounts.
  • Create a social media policy that positively encourages staff to share posts about the company. Educate them on what’s acceptable and offer great content for them to share. Outline simple dos and don’ts in the policy.

Don’t overlook this great resource within your company – your best brand ambassador could be sitting at the desk next to you. Your staff, if well informed and supportive, can be on the front lines sharing information to customers, potential customers, and the community at large.